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XCTB Series Gas Carburetor

XCTB Carburetors

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XCTB Series Gas Carburetor

ATM’s most versatile circle track gas carburetors are its XCTB Series that feature a 4150-style flange in sizes from 650cfm all the way up to 1050cfm. It is the perfect blend of a precision die cast aluminum QFT™ carb body with ATM 2-circuit, 4-emulsion billet metering blocks and a billet aluminum throttle body. The idle and high-speed air bleeds and the idle fuel feed and power valve channel restrictions can be changed to tailor a precise fuel curve your application.

Incoming fuel is managed by Braswell™ Fuel Chute Lite dual inlet, dual sight-window fuel bowls with special wedge-shaped floats. They are setup for 7/8”-20 inverted flare fittings that provide a tight, leak-resistant seal.

The billet components add durability for frequent calibration changes and strength for the extreme throttle action associated with racing. Gas XCTBs come with a silver polished finished and black anodized billet metering blocks and billet throttle bodies.

Product Details

XCTB Series


ATM Innovation’s XCTB is a step up from its XCTC series. While it shares many of the same features with the XCTC, the XCTB is intended for racers that frequently take apart their carburetors for precise tuning changes – the billet metering blocks add another level of durability over die cast components. The billet throttle bodies are stronger and more precise too. Plus there is more detail work like “slabbed” throttle shafts that promote smoother flow and less turbulence.

ATM’s XCTB carbs use the QFT™ die cast aluminum carb body that has a fully contoured high-flow air horn and externally changeable idle- and high-speed air bleeds. When combined with ATM’s 2-circuit, 4-emulsion billet metering blocks with 4-corner idle adjustment, the XCTB becomes one of the most “tuneable” race carbs on the market. These billet metering blocks also have changeable idle fuel and power valve channel restrictions.

Dynamic fuel handling is important in hard-cornering racecars and Braswell’s™ Fuel Chute Lite dual inlet, dual sight-window fuel bowls were designed exactly for this purpose. They are fitted with special wedge-shaped floats and 7/8”-20 inverted flare fittings for leak-resistant connections.

All XCTB Series carbs are available for gas, methanol and E85 fuels. Gas XCTBs come with a polished silver finish and black anodized billet metering blocks and billet throttle bodies.

  • QFT™ die cast aluminum main body w/changeable idle- and high-speed air bleeds
  • Billet 2-circuit, 4-emulsion metering blocks
  • 4-corner idle adjustment
  • Braswell™ Fuel Chute Lite dual inlet/dual sight-window fuel bowls & special wedge-shape floats
  • Billet throttle body w/slabbed throttle shafts
  • Available for gas, methanol & E85

Part #: XCTB

Price: $611.11
Size CFM:

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