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OMG Billet Street Strip Gas Carburetor

OMG Billet Street Strip Carburetors

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OMG Billet Street Strip Gas Carburetor

OMG’s most versatile "street/strip race" gas carburetors feature a 4150-style flange "with vacuum ports" in sizes from 650cfm all the way up to 1050cfm. It is the perfect blend of a precision die cast aluminum ATM™ carb body with ATM 2-circuit, 4-emulsion billet metering blocks and a billet aluminum throttle body. The idle and high-speed air bleeds and the idle fuel feed and power valve channel restrictions can be changed to tailor a precise fuel curve your application.

Incoming fuel is managed by ATM™ all aluminum dual inlet, dual sight-window fuel bowls. They are setup for 7/8”-20 inverted flare fittings that provide a tight, leak-resistant seal.

The billet components add durability for frequent calibration changes and strength for the extreme throttle action associated with racing.

Gas carburetors come with a silver polished finished and black anodized billet metering blocks and throttle bodies.

Part #: OMG-BS

Price: $710.00
Size CFM:

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