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XRSC Street Strip Series Methanol Carburetor

XRSC Street Strip Carburetors

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XRSC Street Strip Series Methanol Carburetor

ATM’s XRSC Series methanol "street/strip race" carburetors "with vacuum ports" will fulfill the needs of most racers with advanced fuel control from the ATM all aluminum fuel bowls to the fully tuneable air bleeds and fuel channel restrictions in the ATM die-cast aluminum carb bodies and metering blocks. They are available in 5 sizes from 650-1050CFM (4150 flange) for gas, E85 and methanol applications. Methanol carbs come with a gold corrosion-resistant finish.

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XRSC Series


The XRSC Series is ATM Innovation’s most affordable methanol "street/strip race" carb yet it has all the features of its high-end race carburetors. It is based on quality ATM™ die cast aluminum carb bodies, metering blocks and throttle plates. This cost savings over billet components doesn’t hamper performance, and you still get ATM's™ all aluminum dual inlet, dual site-window fuel bowls, changeable idle and high-speed air bleeds and changeable idle feed and power valve channel restrictions providing endless tuning capabilities. These carburetors are precisely calibrated at the factory and are “race-ready” out of the box requiring minor “trim” adjustments for atmospheric conditions and your individual race combination. They are available in 650, 750, 850, 950 and 1050 CFM sizes for 4150-style flange manifolds.

  • Vacuum advance & PVC tubes in throttle body
  • 4-corner idle adjustment
  • ATM die cast aluminum main bodies, metering blocks & throttle bodies
  • ATM™ all aluminum dual inlet, dual site window fuel bowls with 7/8”-20 AN #8 fittings
  • Changeable idle air & high-speed air bleeds
  • Gold corrosion-resistant coating
  • Available in 650, 750, 850, 950 and 1050 CFM sizes (4150 Flange)

Part #: XRSCA

Price: $588.89
Size CFM:

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